Hong Kong


  1. Category: Graphene R&D and Applications

    Size: ≤ US$5m

    The world’s thinnest but hardest nanomaterials have been independently developed into a resin-based heat-dissipating coating. The effect imparts better physical properties and heat dissipation to the coating. Products can be used in industrial motors, charger housing heat dissipation, automotive glass film and more.



  1. Category: VR Immersive Solutions

    Size: ≤ US$20m

    Applied in TWO technologically-advanced segments:

    i) Education.
    ii) Space Digitalization.

    Education combines a VR teaching platform and a VR programming software, which work synergistically to infuse new educational models and teaching methods. Space Digitalization employs an immersive media technology, using computer vision and highly specialized sensors to create the next generation of visual content to boost consumers' integrations on the Web, mobile, and VR.


  1. Category: Environmental Material Technology and Applications

    Size: ≤ US$100m

    A world recognized high-tech and environmental-friendly technology company focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of bio-plastics material and products. The technical advantage lies on physical and chemical modification of plant materials so that it possesses eco-thermoplastic processing properties and can be can be applied in injection molding, film extrusion and film blowing. The eco-material is either fully biodegradable or as substitutional bio-based material in replacing part of the plastic composition.
  2. Category: Face recognition Technology

    Size: ≤ US$150m (pre-IPO in the USA)

    Leading high-end security solution company, design and provide reliable security management application with cutting-edge facial recognition technology. Advanced artificial intelligence algorithm and cloud computing applied in the field of smart cities. Initiated the formulation of relevant national standards; State-of-the-art systems have entered the commercial use phase.


  1. Category: Digital Mobile Payment Service

    Size: ≤ US$ 3.5 billion

    A mobile financial service platform based in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a digital platform, including functions such as add credit, cash withdrawal, P2P transfer, and bill payment. It has settled in 294 cities in Indonesia, covering large-scale supermarkets, department stores, coffee shops, movie theaters, car parking operators and hospitals. The second largest mobile financial service platform in Indonesia, has a dominant position in transportation, retail and e-commerce. It is one of the few companies in Indonesia to obtain an electronic payment license.