Partnership Strategies

  1. We seek to build enduring partnerships with our portfolio companies, reinforced by our stable, flexible capital program. To create long-term value that is essential to growth investing, we aim to be an active lead investor with significant minority ownership, working with management teams to meaningfully change outcomes.
  2. We play a vital role in helping companies realize their potential and enhancing their performance by providing not just the patient capital but also the operating support to strengthen the management teams. Our approach with expertise helps our investments grow their core business, leadership development, revenue growth, launch new initiatives, upgrade technologies and systems to support their long-term strategies.
  3. We use Sustainable, Responsible & Impact. Investing (SRI) as our primary investment philosophy to ensure and promote ethical business practices for long term growth and prosperity. Our investments are designed to create positive economic, social, environmental impact and long-term value for the companies we invest in and the communities in which we work. We achieve this through utilizing our extraordinary people and flexible capital to help our investments solve internal and external issues to refine and expand their business models.

Investment Strategies

  1. New Future International limited is built on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. We focus on attracting exceptionally talented people and on creating an atmosphere that rewards initiative, independent thinking and integrity. The senior members have accumulated extensive investment and management experiences working with leading international financial institutions. They have successfully led and executed a large number of innovative and ground-breaking private equity investments and capital market advisory transactions globally and have established long-lasting relationship and in-depth collaboration with a large number of entrepreneurs in the region.
  2. We leverage our comprehensive knowledge in capital market, M&A expertise and extensive network, endeavors to create value-add for the portfolio companies:
    1. Develop proprietary investment ideas to cultivate transformational transactions.
    2. Leverage innovative investment ideas and creative structuring to achieve strategic growth for portfolio companies.
    3. Add critical value in strategic development, operational and business advisory.
    4. Assist portfolio companies to create and optimize capital management platform.
    5. Mentor incubation by intimating management guideline to implement strategy and integrate sustainable core business value.